Please keep in mind the more information entered for a search, the better the results will be.

Searching by Name
The first and last name fields can be a complete or partial names (i.e.- rob for robert). The search will return all records that contain the search criteria anywhere in the name. The more specific the criteria, the more narrow the search.

Searching by Dates
You can choose whether to search by birth or death information. The dates entered can be partial or complete (i.e.-born in 194 will bring up anyone born in the 1940's). Dates are entered in the database in the following fashion:

  • 3 Nov 1938

All months are in a 3 letter format. All complete dates are in a day, month, year format. The ABT prefix is used for all approximate dates.

Searching by Places
The same rule applies for the place of birth or death (i.e.-born in vir will bring up anyone born in virginia). All locations are shown in a city, county, state format as seen below.

  • Princeton, Caldwell, Kentucky